Сhiropractic Services in Toronto

Treatment features and effectiveness of the method

In modern medicine, various methods of manual therapy are used very widely. They treat not only arthritis and arthrosis, but also myalgia, osteochondrosis, deformities of the spinal column, the consequences of stroke and trauma, diseases of internal organs and brain. It’s a very gentle non-invasive method. However, for a lasting effect requires not one procedure, but a whole course, the duration of which depends on the problem and the severity of the patient’s condition. The minimum number of sessions is three, with an average of five to seven sessions prescribed. In this case, sessions can be held no more than twice a week.


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Perhaps the most persistent myth about manual therapy is the painful process. In fact, there should not be much pain even if a person comes to the doctor with complaints about the pain syndrome. Of course, some discomfort is possible, but the pain is not a sign of the efficacy of the treatment, but a sign that the doctor is unsuitable. When choosing a chiropractor, be vigilant: in no case should not contact people whose qualifications are in doubt – chiropractor therapy is prescribed by a doctor and must also perform it must be a certified specialist.