Betting Strategy

There is a coefficient for any outcome of any sporting event in the betting office line. Some offices put out all the quotes themselves, having their own staff of analysts, and others just buy a ready-made line.

Each factor represents the probability of this or that outcome and simultaneously contains the bookmaker’s margin, with which he has the main income.

The odds are calculated using the formula k=1/p, where k is the odds and p is the odds of outcome in the range from 0 to 1. For example, if the odds of outcome are 50 percent or 0.5, the odds are 2. But in reality, the coefficient with an outcome probability of 50 percent will never have a value of 2, because the bookmaker will certainly include margin and reduce the value, for example, to 1.95.

Betting Strategy

The coefficients change for two main reasons: the transfer of one outcome and the bookmaker’s risk of losing profits and losses, as well as changes in the probability of the outcome.

It is extremely risky for beginners to bet in immediately. First of all, you need to understand what kind of bets are (forms, totals, outcomes and so on). Then you should study the bookmakers’ offers on stocks and bonuses. Before betting, a player must understand all the rules of betting, for example, for some newcomers to betting it is a surprise that their bet on the victory of the selected team lost, although they won the match after extra time in a penalty shootout series.