é confiavel is the company behind the launch of the innovative binary options investment platform. Active in the financial market since the year 2000, it has contributed so that thousands of investors from all levels around the world can multiply their capital in a professional and transparent way. All investments can be made entirely through the Internet from several of today’s most advanced trading tools. main page

The platform is carefully designed so that the investor has maximum investment possibilities and can make his financial applications from his own strategies or in an automated way. This feature allows the services provided by the company to be customized in order to optimize the possibilities of experienced investors and offer technical support to beginners. Investments from the most profitable and complex to the most secure and simple to trade are available at Binary. é confiavel

What’s new in 2020? é confiavel is a company that over the last few years has been a pioneer in keeping its services always up-to-date with new technologies. Therefore, the platform could not fail to innovate in 2020. There are several increments and new tools to make the investment routine of its users even easier. Check below some of the updates planned for the service basket of the broker.