Can I make money on fxpro?

It’s theoretically possible. Earning on Forex is as real as playing on the stock market. Legal forex dealers, who have a license of the Bank of Russia, operate under strict and transparent rules. They must comply with the law “On Securities Market”. , requirements of the Bank of Russia to forex dealers (instruction of the Bank of Russia No. 3773-U dated 02.09.2015 “On separate requirements to the activity of a forex dealer”), the Basic Standard of Forex Dealers and other rules.


If you are able to make accurate forecasts of how the situation on the currency market will change, you can make good money.

But according to statistics, players lose 3-4 times more money at Forex than they earn. The fact is that it is very difficult to predict the dynamics of currency rates. The situation on the currency market depends on many political and economic factors, the behavior of the world’s largest banks, funds and companies. Even news and rumors affect currency rates.