Glass House Farms – 1g Pre Roll – GG#4

From professional athletes to children dealing with debilitating illnesses, people from all walks of life are ditching prescriptions and turning to more natural plant medicine. But it’s not just any plant; they’re seeking relief from one particular cannabis compound: cannabidiol, or Glass House Farms – 1g Pre Roll – GG#4

Even if you don’t use cannabis, you’ve probably heard of CBD. This cannabis compound took the nation by storm in 2013 when CNN reported on a six-year-old girl named Charlotte Figi. Four years prior, she was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a myoclonic form of epilepsy, that prompts as many as 300 seizures a week.

After her parents administered an oral dose of CBD oil twice a day, that number dropped to just two or three seizures each month!

Glass House Farms – 1g Pre Roll – GG#4

A greenhouse’s most important function is to provide the perfect environment for plant growth. Storing the sun’s energy and harnessing it to benefit your crop is the key to all good greenhouse design. Ventilation is essential for balancing an indoor climate that makes the most of the powerful solar spectrum, while keeping an optimal temperature and air quality to help your plants thrive!

Air exchange is important not only for providing the carbon dioxide and fresh air that plants need for photosynthesis. It also helps keep the temperatures inside your greenhouse regulated. In Winter, a greenhouse’s function is to store heat from the sun, creating a warmer temperature in the greenhouse versus outside of it. But in the Summer, an unventilated greenhouse can turn into a furnace, holding withering heat instead of protecting your plants from the elements.

Cooling a greenhouse on a hot day is a difficult task without a good ventilation layout. The most effective greenhouse ventilation system is will use exhaust fans, setup to blow hot, stale air out, and intake shutters mounted opposite, to bring fresh, cooler air in. (Shown in picture)