Grinder Gold

What is a Grinder and How to Use it?

Ahhh, the marijuana grinder The essential smoking accessory that is simple, effective and yet oddly under the radar even though they get so much use. Flower fanatics the world over know that this relatively basic device can be critical to getting the best smoke out of those beautiful buds. And if you’re making edibles at home or adding cannabis to your meal, a grinder will facilitate the process of cutting up your weed so it’s ready for cooking or baking. Luckily for us, cannabis grinders are ubiquitous these days and readily available at your trusted local marijuana dispensary, your favorite head shop or online.

Grinder Gold

A cannabis grinder is an easy-to-use utensil that makes the preparation of marijuana quick, clean, and effective. Dried cannabis flowers need to be broken down before they can be smoked. Your preferred consumption method may be a joint, blunt, bong, or vaporizer.

Whatever the case is, your weed nuggets will perform better when they have been pared down into smaller pieces, increasing the surface area. Not only do grinders make the process easier, they also ensure that you aren’t letting any bud go to waste.

Other methods of preparation can be sticky and messy, especially considering the high calibre of resinous strains available in the modern marketplace. Sticky fingers make packing a bong or vaporizer a drama. Rolling papers and blunt blanks can become a frustrating nightmare.