Jupiter jack strain

Named for the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter OG has a big impact on its users. Not only does this indica boast one of the highest yields of the planetary strains, it’s also fast-acting and extremely potent. Known among the celestials for its particularly dense nugs with an abundance of reddish hairs, Jupiter jack strain OG leaves nothing to be desired. This strain features a pungent fuel smell and overpowering taste. Jupiter OG provides a very heavy and long-lasting body high, making it great for people looking for relief from insomnia or pain.

Jupiter jack strain

Luckily, California was quick to label dispensaries as “essential businesses,” and you can be sure that all of these stores are taking COVID-19 protocols seriously, including frequent cleaning, mandatory masks/face coverings, hand sanitizer stations, and limited capacity to ensure social distancing. The latter means that there will very likely be a line out the door at a lot of these spots, but you can avoid that (and taking any unnecessary safety risks) by pre-ordering for pickup or getting it delivered. One or both options are available at every spot on the list.

(And you’ve probably got it all figured out by now, but just in case, a friendly reminder that now’s not a great time to share joints, blunts, or any paraphernalia.) 

All across America cannabis is becoming a legalized and well-accepted consumption product that is becoming more and more popular all the time. With a dozen states that allow for legal use of cannabis, another handful that allow for medical use, and almost all that allow for CBD use, the craze seems to be growing faster than anyone can keep up with. 

This growth is known by all California residents due to the 2018 legalization of public consumption of cannabis. And boy, was 2018 an interesting year with dispensaries popping up on every street corner, and just as quickly disappearing. Well established brands close shop, and hobbyist opening up where they left off. It’s was a rollercoaster of a year in 2018 and there have been many ups and downs to it.