Landscape Design in Santa Barbara

From dachas and farmsteads the seedbeds are gradually being squeezed out. If they are, they are in small numbers and somewhere deep. The main place is occupied by flower beds, recreation areas and other beautiful corners. All this together is called landscape design and it is taught in the institute. But if you are not going to make money by arrangement, landscaping and decoration of yards and summer houses, you can try to plan everything yourself. Landscaping with your own hands is a long and difficult task, but it is extremely fascinating: it is very pleasant to look at the beauty created by your own hand.

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landscape design

If the site is still empty, think through all the details: where will be the entrance, as on the site will be located house, toilet, other buildings. Drawing all the buildings, draw a path. Straights do rarely – they are harder to beat in the landscape. Curved, with smooth lines will help organize interesting places and landings. On the plan do not forget about communications – water supply, sewerage, irrigation system, etc. Then gradually add elements of landscape design, drawing their details.