Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara

Mowing & Edging

Mowing your Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara is a given, especially with the heavy rain Florida experiences most of the year. But, it’s important to maintain a mowing routine to ensure that you aren’t cutting your grass too short or having it too long! This is where a hired service can be of great value to busy homeowners. Lawn experts are scheduled, so you can be sure your yard is getting the attention it deserves on a regular basis.

In addition to keeping your grass the correct length, edging is important to maintain the tough spots that a mower may not be able to reach. Edging along sidewalks, landscape beds, and driveways make your yard look that much better and helps the health of your lawn!

Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara

Most days, getting in and out of your office is no big deal. You drive in and admire the well-groomed commercial landscape all around you.

Then one day, one of your employees comes to you and says, “I think we’ve got bees.”

So you go outside and check, and sure enough, there are bees. Actually, it’s worse: they’re wasps, and they’ve built a whole new wasp colony under the hedges near your entrance.

This is a classic PA landscape maintenance problem and a sign that you need professional landscape maintenance help.

Of course, not every call to your local landscape service will be for something that severe.