Lawn Care Service

Mulching, combing and piercing

Mulching, combing and piercing are considered some kind of additional and optional work, but their importance for the beautiful lawn cover is difficult to exaggerate.

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Mulch (loose shredded material) is sprinkled on the lawn once – in early autumn. For mulch, you can use shredded grass if you have a mulch mower or garden shredder. In order to make good mulch for your lawn, you need to add sand to organic grass or sheet compost so that it becomes crumbly. You do not need too much sand for sandy soil.
Before mulching, it is advisable to comb and pierce the lawn. Scrubbing removes dry grass, unnecessary rubbish and branches, and piercing the soil helps fertiliser as well as moisture and air to penetrate the roots. The combing is done with a rake and the piercing is done with a fork. To optimise these working processes, it is best to buy a universal aerator-scarifier. It has two nozzles – a shaft for combing moss and old grass and a shaft with spokes that cut the ground well to the desired depth. Scarifying (soil piercing) can also be carried out before fertilisation.

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A lawn can get into various troubles: it may not overwinter, get wet or dry. Often, this is not the case in the entire lawn, but in individual areas. To level the lawn, you need to sow. You just have to loosen the soil naked, apply the seeds, sprinkle them with compost and then easily tamper with it.