Physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy is prescribed to each patient strictly according to individual indications, as the role is played by the peculiarity of the disease, its stage, age and other factors. The occurrence of side effects after the application of physiotherapeutic methods is virtually impossible. Often it is physiotherapy that helps to cope with diseases that have long been untreated by traditional methods.


The energy of this field causes induced (inductive) eddy currents, the mechanical energy of which is converted into heat. Vessels expand, blood flow accelerates, blood pressure drops, coronary circulation improves. Anti-inflammatory and resorptive effect of inductothermy is connected with heat formation and blood flow strengthening. There is also a decrease in muscle tone, which is important for spasm of smooth muscles. Decrease in the excitability of nerve receptors causes analgesic and sedative effect. Application of this procedure to the adrenal area stimulates their glucocorticoid function. In this method of treatment there is an increase in calcium content in tissues, bacteriostatic action.

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