Physiotherapy services in Toronto

Despite a large number of popular literature, publications in newspapers and magazines, special programs on radio and television, yet our citizens’ ideas about physiotherapeutic treatment leave much to be desired… Let’s talk about the most common myths about physiotherapy.

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Physiotherapy services in Toronto

Myth one. Physiotherapy is a secondary and not so important form of treatment that can be easily avoided. The main thing is the therapy with medication.

In fact, the use of physiotherapy allows 1.5 – 2 times less time for treatment, to stop the further progression of chronic disease and reduce the frequency of relapses. With physiotherapy recovery of the body is much more complete than just taking medication. After all, physiotherapeutic methods stimulate the body’s protective and compensatory forces, natural mechanisms for self-cleaning, self-healing and regeneration. Therefore, the complex treatment using physical means contributes to the rapid removal of toxins and slags, erase energy traces of the disease, dramatically increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, renew cells, normalize the activity of endocrine glands and nervous system.

And when there is an acute period of disease, physiotherapy in general is the main means of medical care. In addition, physiotherapy is not only perfectly combined with taking medicines, but often enhances their effect, reduces the dose of drugs, reduces the likelihood of side effects.

Myth two. Physiotherapy is preferable to other methods of treatment, it cures everything, and without drugs can do.

This is the other extreme. Synthetic drugs, although they have a lot of side effects, clog the body and are alien to it in nature, but still need to take them, especially in the acute period of disease. Another thing is that often from a long list of recommended drugs really need a maximum of two or three, and the rest can well be replaced by physiotherapy drugs.