San Francisco weed

First thing to understand about san francisco weed is that there are 3 different types of delivery methods including inhalation, oral and topical. Each appropriate for different occasions and personal preferences. 

  • Inhalation: This is when cannabis is inhaled into the lungs and then enters the blood stream. Typically, this enters your body by the use of hand pipes, water pipes, bongs, and rolling papers. The most common type being hand pipes as they are small and easy to use. They do say that the water pipes are quite popular as it cools down the smoke and may help to filter out harmful particles. You can also use vaporizer which slowly heats up the cannabis to a temperature which extracts the cannabis but without the harmful chemicals that happens when you burn the cannabis. This is the healthiest type of cannabis use and reduces the smoke that typically comes with smoking cannabis. Dabbing is also one of the newest forms of inhalation which is done by using cannabis concentrates which is a form of flash vaporization. You basically drop the concentrate onto a heated surface which quickly vaporizes it to be inhaled.
  • Oral: This includes any type of technique which is ingested into the mouth including food, drinks, tinctures, oils, etc. While the most common ways to ingest cannabis orally is through the digestive system by swallowing food or drinks, you can also directly swallow oils/tinctures or capsules with a gel inside to quickly get the cannabinoid oils into your blood stream. Many people are going for the tinctures and oils as it allows for quick action without the health risks of smoking.
  • Topical: The topical type delivery method utilizes the cannabis extract in a thick oil form which can be absorbed through the skin. While this type does not provide the stimulation that most people consider as “high”. The topical treatments ensure you still have a clear head but still provide many of the same benefits including relief from muscle aches and soreness.
San Francisco weed

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